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Vincent There is a big diffrence between "exploitation" and "objectification". I believe the latter is the good guy.

Lo-Fi Cherry Porno Pics

Is it OK to like breast scars in a sexy way?

I don't know if this is a sensitive subject, a non-subject, a hot topic or an empowering objectification. I have never talked about this with anyone accept my girlfriend before, so I am kind of breaking grounds here. I was hoping you could help me out!

I tend to find the scars that comes from breast removal sexy as hell. I also love tattoos, so maybe I am just into this whole scaring thing? But more likely, I think it's hot to have a visible gender challenging symbol on your body. Specifically, on your chest which I find is a very sexual area in itself.

What do you think? What are your experiences with these scars, either having them and/or looking at them. Are they sexual? Are they something you wish to hide in accomplishing the act of "passing"? Am I offending anyone by lusting for these scars, am I not allowed to objectify them in this way because I don't have any experience of being a trans guy myself?

The hip-hop artist Katastrophe


LFCPP håller porrpolitisk workshop!

Snart sätter vi igång med workshopserien "Raggaråk" i Stockholm. Vi kommer stöta och blöta de sexuella uttrycken, kritisera mansnormer och göra porr tillsammans!

Tanken är att vi ska träffas några gånger under våren och diskutera samt jobba med pornografiska uttryck. Detta ska sedan leda till att vi spelar in en kortfilm (ca 10min) i sommar. Den kommer vara en porrversion av Magnus Ugglas låt "Raggarna" från 1989.

Anledningen till att vi valt just denna låt är flera, men det handlar bland annat om att knyta ihop "svenskhet", punkmotstånd och manlighetsnormer.

Vi har ett löst manus till filmen och håller det så, för vi vill att alla som medverkar ska vara med och skapa innehållet.
Jag jobbar enligt den nya queerporrens skola, vilket innebär att jag i stort sett inte regisserar hur mina skådisar har sex. Jag sätter omgivning och ser till att det ser bra ut, men hur teamet vill framhålla sig själva och sin sexualitet är inte min ensak.

Är du med på workshopen binder du dig inte på något vis till att medverka i filmen, men vi vill förstås att en ska ha inställningen att vilja vara med från början. Sen kan en förstås dra sig ur ifall det inte känns roligt eller rätt på något vis.
Vi behöver naturligtvis folk bakom kameran också. Vet du med dig att du är en skicklig fotograf, kostymör, scenograf eller annat så hör av dig till This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

Själva workshop-träffarna kommer se lite olika ut, också beroende på vilka som är med och vad alla har för önskemål.
Men det kommer bli porrfilmstittande, diskussioner, lek med kostym (då alla karaktärer kommer vara i Rockabilly-utstyrsel), olika fysiska aktiviteter etc. Framåt slutet blir det rena manusövningar och snack kring sexscener och individuellt uttryck.
Hur många träffarna blir bestämmer vi också utifrån gruppens förutsättningar.

Jag föreslår att du kommer till Jonnys Bar på Fridhemsplan nu på onsdag, 7e mars!
Då kommer jag och Jossan vara där, tillsammans med andra queers, och dela ut flyers och svara på frågor.

Ses där!


Dead is the new Alive

This is how we all should dance - like skeletons in the experimental mind of Walt Disney! And how is that done exactly? you may ask.. Like this:

1. Strip your body from all gender/genitals

2. Let your head go!

3. View your friends and partners as an enhanced part of your own body

4. Quadruple the fun!

5. Don't be afraid to use your body as an instrument. Pride and integrity is redundant!

6. Spank some ass!

7. Play with yourself during the night, and hide all day

Watch the brilliance



Porn as Platform!

I would like to promote porn as the new platform for feministic discussions

What the hell, make it the new starting point for any artistic and civil debates! Because porn holds a unique position for critical reflection that I think we should embrace.
First, it is not considered as "high art" and not obliged to follow hierarchal criterias for "quality". This is always a necessity for effective feminist theories to be produced and given attention. The radicals, in any area, are more likely to exist outside of the academies or professional schools, I think.
Second, it is rather looked upon as something "bad". Whether you talk about production value, morality or inequalities you have porn as an example of something manifesting that which we are trying to get away from. The bad guy we wish to put as much distance to as possible. And with this comes an automatically critical approach that can be very interesting and useful in public debates.

When my collegue and I was taking the metro from the screening of "Mommy Is Coming", she told me about why she hated the non-porno movie "Enter the Void".
She agreed with the many voices talking about how great the experimental cinematography was, and that it was an interesting visual experience. But she was frustrated to notice the total lack of feminist reflection on the way the director depicted women in the movie. Hiding behind being a profound and symbolically intense movie, the director Gaspar Noé does not have to motivate his choice of treating female bodies as de-personalised and sexual objects. In general debates, if a movie is in some ways is considered to be "good" the feminist perspective has to take a step back. I hear comments like "yeah, I know the female characters weren't that interesting, but that's not really relevant to the story" or "yes it was lousy for feminist reasons but otherwise I really enjoyed it!"

I seldom hear these kind of comments when it comes to porn. Suddenly, when you deal with sex, everything is about moral and ethical evaluations! I often find this tiring, but I think it could be a good thing really. It would be a wonderful relieve to the discussions if someone (other than me) would sometimes say "oh I didn't find the way they commodified women in this porno, but apart from that I really liked and got turned on by it!". BUT, I would rather have a constant presence of inequality analysis when watching movies. Despite genre.

When watching porn together we can dissect the parts in it and confront our prejudices, desires, fears and lack of knowledge in a more intersectional way. We can watch it with open minds free from artistic hegemonical orders, and explore how we translate the sexual pictures into either offensive or arousal ones.
This as a counterpart to the way we watch movies like "Enter the Void", where we think we can get away with referring to existing movie production norms and dodge debates about feminism, class, ethnicity, ableism etc.



Mommy Is Coming; the porn to the comedy?

After the screening of "Mommy Is Coming" at Queer Vulnerabilities-symposium in Stockholm, attending director Sheryl Dunye asks the audience:

"Is this porn? Raise your hand if you think so!"
I raised my hand together with a bunch of others.
"Really?" Dunye responded, rethorically surprised.
She didn't see the movie as something you watch to get off to necessarily, but as a comedy that mixes genres and borrows alot fråm porn and rom-coms.
With this I also got an answer to my question why the sex scenes are so short. They are not there to help you reach a happy ending.

I love that Dunye has done a John Waters. But she has some of the hottest porn acters and performers doing amazingly sexy stuff, and I can't help feel it to be somewhat a waste of great material. I would like a double release with one version as an adult rom-com and cinema experience, and another with prolonged sex scenes for a funny jerk off porn experience.
Dunye is right to claim that sex on film is not automatically porn, no matter how explicit the pictures are. But if you take out the sex in this film you see that these scenes are so much more, they are sincere and arousal and they are not jokes as comic relief in a comedy.
This is also what makes "Mommy Is Coming" such a grande bastard child of genres.


Jiz Lee and Lil Hartley in "Mommy Is Coming"

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